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Enterprise Architecture & DevOps


The main feature of the DevOps movement is to firmly defend automation and supervision in all steps of software construction.

Continuous operations

Operations automation addresses challenges such as running scheduled updates on dependent systems with zero downtime

Continuous integration

It is a model that is based on compiling, performing static code analysis and running automatic tests of the whole project as often as possible in the face of early error detection.

Continuous delivery

The objective is to provide end users with the modifications that have been made to the application as soon as possible.

QA testing

When we talk about Software Quality, we are not just referring to the software itself; we refer to the quality of all the elements that are built throughout the life cycle of a project: requirements engineering, design, architecture, deployment documents, development, test plan… everything related to the product.


The rise of microservice architectures has brought with it some challenges that we must be able to tackle in order to achieve a consistent system, such as monitoring, centralized configuration management, centralization of logs …

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture is the first step when an organization aspires to create a set of business solutions, applications and processes that integrate with each other to meet specific needs and requirements and that often lead to software architecture and technical architecture.

API Management

It is the process of creating and publishing web APIs, enforcing their usage policies, controlling access, encouraging the subscriber community, collecting and analyzing usage statistics and reporting performance.