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In Manawa consulting we use Scrum and Kanban as a combination of Agile methodologies with Lean philosophy for managing of our projects and software development.


These methodologies provide us with a project management framework based on an iterative and incremental lifecycle, allowing each iteration to focus on maximizing the value of our clients. We deliver those features that contribute the most value at a specific moment of the project and we do it in the shortest possible time.


These practices allows us to collaborate closely with our clients and validate our applications on a continuous basis in short intervals during the time of development of the project. Since it is a flexible methodology that contemplates unplanned tasks, we are also able to quickly adapt to their needs any time.

Quality processes and software deployment

When we talk about Agile vision, in Manawa Consulting, we not only refer to agility in management and development processes, but also to the agility in the quality processes and deployment of the Software that we perform.

Communication and agility between areas (DevOps)

At Manawa Consulting we have a culture focused on communication, collaboration and integration between the area of software development and the area of architecture and infrastructure. Close collaboration between these areas allows us to create an agile and reliable environment in processes of change of infrastructure, construction , validation and launch of the software that we perform. This collaborative approach, commonly called DevOps, allows our teams to work more closely, providing greater agility to the business and notable increases in productivity.